Our Top 5 Things to do in Liverpool

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If we had to pick just 5 things to do on a visit to Liverpool, these are the attractions which would top of our to do list. We have left some popular attractions off our list, but we were only allowed to pick 5! Read on to see what we picked.

Liverpool Wheel

To see the fantastic sights of the city all at once it’s hard to beat the Liverpool Wheel. Situated within a 5 minute walk of the city centre, next to the Albert Dock and Echo Arena, it’s the ideal spot to see some of Liverpool’s most famous buildings. From the top of the 60m high wheel you get brilliant views of the 2 cathedrals, the 3 graces, and on a clear day the Welsh hills.


ksfKnowsley Safari Park

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the North West. Knowsley Safari Park allows visitors to get up close and personal with some amazing wild animals. What’s more as the park is modelled on an African game reserve, the animals roam free and you see behaviour which is closer to what would happen in the wild when compared to a zoo.



Williamson Tunnels

One of the more unusual attractions on this list. The Williamson Tunnels are network of tunnels built in the 19th century by the eccentric local businessman Joseph Williamson, for what appears to be no apparent reason. You will be able to take a 40 minute guided tour of the complex, and view exhibitions on the life of Joseph Williamson.


magical-mystery-tourThe Magical Mystery Tour

A must for anyone with even a passing interest in music. A 2 hour journey chronicling where the Fab Four grew up and how The Beatles were formed, culminating in a visit to the Cavern Club. See the homes they grew up in, and locations around the city which inspired some of their greatest hits. Roll up for the Mystery Tour!



City Sightseeing Tour

No visit to Liverpool would be complete without an open top bus tour. The Sightseeing Liverpool Tour Bus offers a hop on hop off fun and informative tour of the city. With 15 stops along the route and buses leaving every 20 minutes, there is no easier way to travel between Liverpool’s major tourist attractions.