St Andrew’s Church Pyramid

St Andrew’s Church PyramidMost people go to Egypt to see the pyramids but if your budget does not stretch that far, and you happen to be in the Rodney Street area – look out for the pyramid in the church yard of now disused St Andrew’s church. St Andrew’s Church Pyramid is an unusual memorial dedicated to W. MacKenzie, a wealthy railway engineer and notorious gambler who one day made a pact with the Devil to ensure he got a winning hand during a poker match. The price of course was his soul. When he became ill shortly afterwards he got worried that the Devil may actually come for him, so left instructions that he was not to be buried, but instead encased in a pyramid, sat upright at a table with the winning cards. His logic was that if he was not buried in the ground the devil would not take him.

He does not seem to have had a peaceful afterlife though, as stories abound of his ghost haunting the area.