spaceportAt Spaceport they have an incredible 360 degree planetarium dome show that lasts approximately 25 minutes and can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Observatory
Explore the wonders of the tropical night sky with the help of the world’s largest robotic telescope!

‘The Observatory’ exhibit was provided and funded by Liverpool John Moores University, Astrophysics Research Institute and the National Schools’ Observatory.

You can interact with the computer generated image using a touch screen ‘POD’ (Personal Observation Deck) to surf the sky and discover thousands of stars. Why not join up the stars to map out constellations and view objects in our solar system such as Mars and Jupiter?


Spaceport has relaunched with a brand new Interactive Zone! 
After exploring the galaxy and beyond in our downstairs exhibition, head upstairs to learn about the influence of science in space. Our brand new Interactive Zone is full of exciting hands on exhibits perfect for making learning fun!

Test gravity, explore magnetic fields and witness the power of the vortex. Plus there’s lots more to try your hand at in our variety of Feel the Force exhibits.

See visual tricks and explore the way light works in our hands on exhibits. There are optical illusions that have to be seen to be believed and some exhibits are based on popular Victorian past times.

Continue the fun with our choice of entertaining video games. ‘Play the Wall’ – an interactive screen. Then try the Xbox Kinect, ideal to play as a duo. Try your hand at our fun car game too!