Slavery History Tours

Eric Lynch is a black scouser. He developed the Slavery History Tours to “read” the buildings of Liverpool revealing how the wealth created from the trade helped to make Liverpool the city we see today. Slavery appears as something that happened a long time ago and very far away: out of sight and out of mind. But a closer look at the built environment reveals that links to the slave trade are not only much closer than we realise, but also more numerous.

From the 17th century you will be carried along over three hundred years, from Liverpool, a sleepy fishing village, to the coasts of Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the United States of America. You will mix with the lowest and the highest of classes. In their company you will marvel at the disparities of wealth. You will rub shoulders with those who are considered to be the great and good of this country. But above all you will gain an insight into how the wealth of Liverpool and the great empires was assembled. In short you will view history through the eyes of the oppressed – the slaves.

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