Nightvision Ghost Hunting

Nightvision Ghost Hunting are a paranormal investigation company who specialise in ghost hunts at the North West’s most haunted locations.

They invite you to join them to experience the thrill and excitement of ghost hunting. To increase your chances of witnessing something paranormal they only book locations with recent reports of activity, from derelict historical buildings to lavish stately homes. They have had insight and training from other leading and well established paranormal researchers and mediums and will pass on this knowledge and experience gained to you so you have the basic skills and methodology to carry out your own investigations.

Night vision investigation

Each investigation has plenty to keep you interested throughout the night – no time for sleeping! Following a health & safety brief, we will give you a history tour of the location and a chance to get your bearings with the lights on, along with a Medium workshop. Then comes the important experiments, vigils and equipment workshop. At the end of the evening we will hold de-brief to identify any paranormal activity detected. We also keep your energy levels up with plenty of tea and coffee throughout the night. All our team are experienced in helping you get the most from the event and hopefully leave you with some posing questions about the paranormal world….

All participants will have the opportunity to use our ghost hunting equipment. This will allow you to monitor any changes around you including temperature or noises inaudible to the human ear, however we do encourage you to bring your own camera and filming equipment in order for you to capture as much as you can.

The following is a list of equipment you may use on the night:

  • Divining Rods
  • Ouija Board (not obligatory)
  • EMF Meters
  • EVP Recorder
  • Compass
  • Motion Detectors
  • Crystal Pendulum

There will also be various experiments including table tipping, séances, trigger objects, motion detectors set up in hot spots and for the really brave, lone vigils!!!! However, it is important to note that you do not have to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

As well as holding public events we also organise bespoke corporate/private events. These events are tailored to your wishes and budget. A private event can range from company team building to Haunted Hen Nights. We also hold charity events throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for an evening of adrenalin pumped paranormal investigations!