Cains Brewery

Cains BreweryRobert Cain, an Irish immigrant, starting brewing in Liverpool at the age of 24. He quickly became famous throughout the city for the outstanding quality of his beer. By the time of his death in 1907 he had commissioned 200 public houses in the city and Cains brewery had expanded to become the largest in Europe. He was such a popular figure that an estimated 500 people attended his funeral.

But the story of Cains does not end there – the brewery was the first in Britain to produce a lager, and it is now owned by Sudaghara and Ajmail Dusanj, known affectionately as Sid and Bill, the first Asian family to run a British brewery.

Tours are held at the grade II listed Victorian Brewery seven days a week – and although there is a cover charge, it does include 2 pints of beer!

For more information visit their website at or call 0151 709 8734.